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Olive & June Just Dropped Nail Art Press-Ons for Only $10

Get your press-on nails for the trend’s very convenient comeback.

If you’re a fan of the nail care brand Olive & June, chances are your nails are very well maintained. The brand already released a game-changing Mani System (which has sold out five times) and Pedi System that includes everything you need learn how to do your own fingers and toes like a professional. They’re know for taking shaky-handed novices and turning them into full-on at-home experts. Maybe you’ve been totally satisfied with the beautifully painted nails you’ve been able to create yourself, but now Olive & June is upping their own game– they’re launching new press-on nails for instantly perfect manicures (and nail art) to make all of our lives even easier.

Olive & June’s The Instant Mani press-on kits come in a variety of colors, designs, four length options, and four shape options to suit every nail bed and preference. There are French manicures, color gradients, checkerboards, hearts and more styles to choose from in addition the classic everyday colors. (Although we’d argue you could wear any of these styles every day.) The press-on nails are said to last up to a week of wear, after being able to be pressed on in mere minutes.

Olive & June

Press-on nails are in the middle of an iconic (and extremely convenient) comeback right now, and they look better and last longer than the dreaded ones from years past. Olive & June’s take is also vast improvement in the category, as they are the first press-on sets made from up to 94% post consumer recycled materials, which is definitely something to think about if you’re a devout press-on user. Kits also include 42 individual nails of the 21 available sizes to ensure that you get a perfect fit for each nail and have extras for any mishaps. You might even get an extra manicure out of the set if you’re lucky.

With this range of cute nails looks, we have no doubt Olive & June’s press-ons will be a hit—and perhaps another sellout product. With that in mind, you might want to run, not walk, to the presale link today. The $10 price tag is a small price to pay for an no-chips guaranteed manicure that you can do yourself.

Available for presale now, to ship on November 7, one full set of Press-On Nails includes 42 nails, non-damaging glue, an acetone-free prep pad, 2-in-1 file and buffer, and wooden cuticle pusher, all for $10. Their more expansive Press-On System ($52) adds a removal system, nail strengthener, cuticle serum, carry-all storage pouch, nail clippers, and a gentle cuticle pusher, to give you everything you need to get started at home.

Check out some of our favorite styles below: