8 Pink Hair Dyes To Try If You Want to Copy Olivia Rodrigo

Consider a new hair color for sad girl fall.

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Olivia Rodrigo might be the biggest trendsetter of 2021. So, when she drops a music video with mermaid-like dip-dyed pink hair, everyone takes notice. In the recent video, the singer croons the sad breakup lyrics of “Traitor” and wistfully meanders around an arcade and a parking lot, but she can’t help but look really cool. Her pink hair in the video is the work of Los Angeles colorist Jess Gonzalez, but it’s got us all thinking that maybe we should consider a little at-home hair color experiment.

Pink is one of the easiest unnatural hair shades to pull off. The warm undertones are flattering against most skin tones, and the color can fade without invoking the chlorine-like look of blue or green dyes. If you’ve been thinking about going pink, here’s your sign to give it a shot. Ahead, tap through for 8 different dyes to consider for your color transformation.

Try out pink hair with the lowest level of commitment using temporary color spray. Apply it on dry, already styled hair and you’ll instantly get the vibe and it’ll still wash right out when you’re ready to go back to normal.

If you want a little more control over your one-wash hair color, a color-depositing paste allows you to place the color exactly where you want with your fingers.

On bleached and light strands, a rosé shade instantly gives you that lived in, pastel color that’s trending.

This bubblegum color is a balanced pink that won’t go too dark. Leave it on for up to two hours for the longest-lasting effect.

This hot pink has a more red undertone, meaning it will pack more punch on different shades of hair and will go extra bright on bleached strands.

Overtone has a line of coloring conditioners specifically for brown hair. It’s a great way to try out a shade if you fear bleach. This color should show up (albeit subtly) on all hair colors aside from jet black.

This mask is more like hair care than anything else, it leaves your hair feeling extra hydrated (and tinted).

On a scale of subtle to extreme, this is the most intense way to wear the trend. On bleached hair, this pink dye will fluoresce under blacklight.

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