Before and after photos of Ouai's curl cream testers, all with different curl patterns.


Ouai Developed Its New Curl Creme With Its Community To Work On All Curl Types

It's the brand's first curl-specific launch.

Ouai, the hair care brand founded by celebrity hair whisperer Jen Atkin, has been a fan favorite ever since it launched in 2016 — so much so that the brand's community has become integral to its product development.

That relationship was at the root of Ouai's newest launch, a multi-use Curl Crème that was developed with nearly 200 members of its community — with a wide range of curl types — over the course of one year to create the most inclusive product possible for all curls. Given just how nuanced and different curly and textured hair can be, it was certainly a lofty goal. But Ouai might have just achieved it.

What it is:

Available for $32 at, the Curl Crème is positioned as a "do-it-all" styling cream for definition, shine, and hydration for all hair types across the curl texture spectrum. It comes in two versions: scented with the brand's signature scent North Bondi, with notes of bergamot and lemon; and un-scented — marking the first time Ouai has launched a fragrance-free version of a product.


Formulated with key ingredients like linseed and chia seed oils, the silicone-free cream works to shape and define curls while keeping the hair’s natural texture intact, protecting the hair from humidity. The formula also includes coconut oil and babassu oils to soften the curls, seal damaged cuticles, and boost shine.

What's more, the cream comes in a super-sized, 8oz tube, so you're able to use daily without running out in the blink of an eye.

Who it's for:

Two years in the making, Ouai set out for its Curl Crème to work on all curl types — a claim that rarely stands up against testing on underserved hair types, like the 4C texture category. However, the brand's trials and testimonials appear to have won over its more than 150 testers, ranging from 2a (wavy) to 4c (kinky).

“Curl Crème was a labor of love and an ode to the curly community," Gloria Hoo, VP of Product Development at Ouai, shared with NYLON over email. "It was one of the first truly crowd sourced, tested, and developed products at Ouai, where we collaborated intimately with over 150 guests on everything from their shower and styling routines, to between wash days and fragrance preferences. As one of the pillars of styling for all curl types, it was important for us to make sure the cream checked all the boxes for all 9 types of curls, people from different genders and ethnicities and parts of the country. The challenge to develop inclusively was something we embraced, and we're so thrilled to have accomplished [it] in this single product.”

Final Verdict:

As someone with dry, 3C hair, Ouai's Curl Crème is a new staple in my routine, delivering some of my softest, lightest, and most defined curls yet. I was so impressed with just how on the mark each claim came to be — frizz fighting, hydrating, movable definition — without any of the typical concessions, like crunch of build-up. Plus, thanks to the thorough, nuanced testing, I feel comfortable recommending the product to anyone across the curl spectrum for results they'll be happy with.

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