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PatrickStarrr Got Called Out For His “Salty” Review Of Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez

Reactions to the review are mixed.

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Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez has finally arrived, and consumers and makeup artists now get their chance to weigh in. As is the case with any new makeup release, there are mixed opinions, and PatrickStarrr has received some criticism for his YouTube review of Rare Beauty, shared on Sunday, August 6.

The video review has Starrr covering items that he received in a Rare Beauty PR package, and he has both praise and feedback to offer the line. Applauding Rare Beauty for its affordability, and the "sleek" design of its packaging, the YouTuber did share that he wished the foundation was thicker, and he also found some faults with the eyeliner.

Starrr, who recently launched his ONE/SIZE makeup collection at Sephora, does compare his liner to Rare Beauty's eyeliner. "I personally feel that it does look a bit lighter than mine," Starrr says of the liner's black pigment. Admitting that he is biased towards his own brand, he goes on to compare the shading. "I think I prefer mine over Rare. That's just me," he says. He also notes that he believes his liner is better for a more dramatic look, while Rare is more appropriate for a day look.

Closing out the video with his recommendations, Starrr shares his support for the concealer, liquid blush, and the lip balm. "Overall, I love the brand," he says. "It's very clean, fresh, natural." He also confessed that he needed time to learn the Rare routine, as he prefers a very baked and caked look, while Rare Beauty is more liquid-based. "I have to reorganize my makeup process," he says.

Since the video was released, some have expressed their displeasure with Starrr's comparisons between ONE/SIZE and Rare Beauty. "People need to start reviewing this brand with the idea that it’s a NATURAL look," one person noted. Another person agreed, writing, "They aren’t very similar... O/S and Fenty are both more full coverage brands and Rare Beauty is very much moderate-light coverage." The comparisons led viewers to feel like the video was less of a review, and more of an opportunity to plug his own brand. "why does this video sound like you found an opportunity to flaunt and advertise your own products rather than just review hers? lol you sound kinda shady," shared one viewer. "No hate but you sound kind of salty," shared another.

Others have noted that they believed Starrr was rightful in his comparisons, tweeting, "He tried to sell his eyeliner as a better one for those who like heavier make up and I kinda understand it." One YouTuber commentator called the review "honest," writing, "rare beauty is for a more effortless natural look not everyone is going to love that and that’s ok we are all different."

See Starrr's review of Rare Beauty for yourself, below.

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