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Peach & Lily’s Newest Launch Wants To Streamline Your Vitamin C

Founder & CEO Alicia Yoon shares all her best tips and tricks for the new product.

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Vitamin C is one of the most hyped up skincare ingredients — and with good reason. But if you've ever tried the sought after ingredient, you'll know that not all vitamin C-touted products are made the same. With that in mind, celebrity esthetician and K-Beauty expert, Alicia Yoon — founder & CEO of Peach & Lily — has spent over three years creating the brands latest product, the Transparen-C Pro Spot Treatment.

Launched on Thursday, Feb. 18th, the newest edition to the Peach & Lily line offers a new and unique formulation of vitamin C that is said to welcome all skin types. For Yoon, someone with sensitive skin herself, knows the struggle of how certain formulations of the ingredient can cause skin conditions to be more troublesome or worsen before it get's better. "For a very long time, I really wanted to craft a vitamin C formula where no one has to worry about whether or not it’s going to be too much for their skin," Yoon shared with NYLON over Zoom.

The Transparen-C Pro Spot Treatment all around helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and scarring from beginning to end from lightening and brightening to resurfacing, nourishing, and protecting your skin with a power house of amazing ingredients. It's formulation is made with 20% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate - which is a very stable, super lipid-soluble version of vitamin C - that is meant to seep deeper in the skin without leaving your pores clogged and feeling overly saturated.

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It also has vitamin E and ferulic acid to aid in boosting the effects of the very potent vitamin c, a gentle amount of Kojic acid and tranexamic acids to help resurface your skin, camellia and licorice to aid in nourishing, the forever fan favorite hyaluronic acid to keep your skin moisturized, as well as a protective base of sunflower oil, macadamia seed oil, squalane, and meadow foam seed oil.

Being that most Vitamin C formulas aren't made equal they also can't be used the same. For most people using different formulas can be hard to decide when is the best time to apply for the best results. "I like using Transparen-C Pro Spot Treatment after cleansing, toning, and essence. Then I'll go right in with the vitamin C to get maximum results then I'll layer Glass Skin Serum over it," Yoon shared.

Next to where to work vitamin C in your skincare routine, there's also the factors of which ingredients - from other products - work well with it. "There's some confusion out there where people think that using Vitamin C and niacinamide together is not a great thing," she said. Just in case you don't know, niacinamide is an essential nutrient as well as a form of Vitamin B-3, that can help alleviate inflammation while offering antioxidants to help brighten the overall appearance of skin.

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Yoon explained, that when you have an over production of melanin it can activate an access amount of pigmentation to your skin, which is where vitamin C comes in. The vitamin C will inhibit the overproduction to not be so active causing the access amount to decrees. The way niacinamide works, is when all that over activity happens the excess pigmentation that are coming out acts like a is buffered by niacinamide so it’s not dying your skin cells. So that your skin cells are blocked and it’s not over pigmenting that area causing the two to work well hand in hand. She also mentions, "With any retinol, BHA, or high concentration of AHA—there are no studies that show they cancel the ingredients out. However, because all of those ingredients are active and potent, you just want to take it easy." She recommends doing patch testing as well as potentially separating the actives by time of day or different days.

The Peach & Lily Transparen-C Pro Spot Treatment retails for $43 and is now available on It will later release on on Sunday, Feb. 21st.

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