Pharrell’s Humanrace Brand Gets Into Body Care

These aren’t your typical bars of soap.

For years we all wondered what Pharrell Williams was doing to get his skin to look so eternally youthful and glowy. Then, in 2020 the artist announced his entry into skincare. Humanrace, Pharrell’s product company, launched last year with genderless, vegan, and sustainable skincare in sleek minimalist green packaging with a simplified three-step routine. Now, Pharrell is entering the growing body care market with two body bars focused on cleansing and exfoliating all the skin below your neck. The first two body products will be the Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar and the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar. Both body bars will be available exclusively at the Humanrace website on November 22.

The bars are made from a soap-free formulation, which cleanses your skin without over-drying or stripping your skin barrier. They contain ingredients that would be just as friendly as your face as they are to your body. The Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar is formulated with snow mushroom extract, kaolin clay, and rice powder while the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar consists of charcoal powder, rice powder, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil.Dr. Elena Jones, MD, Chief Dermatologist of Humanrace (and longtime friend of Pharrell’s for over 20 years) said about the release, “your body is still your skin, it needs a routine and to be cared for.”

In the past few years, the body care market has taken off, along with changing attitudes that we should be taking as much care with our body care as our facial skincare routines. While previously many of us would buy body moisturizers with little thought, the products category is booming with exfoliating actives, elevated textures, and even treatment products like masks for different parts of the body.

Along with Humanrace’s general ethos, the new products make body care simple. The Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar (which will retail for $16) cleanses and hydrates your skin and the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar ($18) soothes and refines. The bar format of the body products is in keeping with the sustainability efforts of the brand. The bars are packaged in Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified paper cartons and are fragrance-free and vegan. They’ll also be launched with a Ceramic Body Bar Dish, handcrafted in Arita, Japan.


While the upcoming Humanrace drop may look like your typical shower bar, they’re engineered with the latest trend in body care in mind—paying as much attention to the rest of your body as we do our faces. While we’ll have to wait and see if Humanrace ventures into other areas of the body care market (like moisturizers or oils), the two body bars dropping later this month are an extremely versatile gift for the holiday season. Thanks for that, Pharrell!