Makeup artist and TikToker Rowi Singh creating looks that blend Euphoria and her South Asian heritag...


Meet Rowi Singh, The TikToker Creating Makeup Looks That Blend ‘Euphoria’ and Her South Asian Heritage

Based in Australia, the viral creator talks glittery eyeshadow, Pinterest, and embellished eyebrows for NYLON's Favorite Follow.

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In the midst of the hype for Euphoria-style makeup (and just the drama of the show altogether), it can be easy to forget the maximalist style that has been popularized by the show existed long before the show’s creation. Australian-born South Asian creator Rowi Singh, who specializes in creative makeup, is one of the artists who has stayed true to the style for years. She even went viral recently on TikTok for creating looks for a fictional South-Asian character on the show.

From bejeweled cat eyes and bright eyeshadow to full-face alien-looking designs, the 27-year-old creator has carved out a space on the internet to celebrate maximalism, bold color, and eclecticism in all forms. With over 390 thousand followers on Instagram and 130 thousand on TikTok, she’s quickly become the blueprint to today’s trending Y2K glittery styles.

Singh’s love of eclecticism expands throughout every area of her life, with a separate Instagram account, @rowisroom, documenting her apartment’s interior design, which includes pink flower rugs and disco balls. “Dopamine decor, fun outfits, and bright eyeliner is my kin,” she says. “Life's too short to keep it beige.” NYLON spoke to Singh about living a life full of decoration, starting a facial accessories business, Embellish By Rowi (that FKA-Twigs has already given her stamp of approval on), and creating makeup looks for “if euphoria had a South-Asian character”.

On Her Early Relationship With Beauty

“My relationship with makeup was fairly limited growing up. Lip smackers and a glittery eyeshadow pot did it for me. It wasn't something that I had invested in, but a passion I developed later on in life. I went to a school that did not allow for creative self-expression so it wasn’t until after high school that I fell in love with experimental beauty. I found it freeing to be able to define my own style and identity, which was fairly fragmented growing up. I received a 50-shade colorful palette back in 2013, which ignited this passion for mixing colors and bringing wild ideas to life. I don't often do my makeup for others, but more for myself. Makeup can be so therapeutic.”

On Y2K Makeup Trends

“I love sparkly shadows, bold colors—like blue and pink—and glossy lips. It's super nostalgic and always hits. Embellishing my eyes with gems and studs will always be my go-to. I love intertwining aspects of my Indian heritage with my looks as a way to visualize my relationship with culture and bold colors.”

On Her Viral Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks

“I love that style of makeup, but it has been around years before the show. I've been creating these looks for so long, but I love that editorial makeup is finally being platformed for a mainstream audience. I love how Euphoria has inspired others to branch out and try something different.”

On Finding Inspiration

“Pinterest is the perfect place for me to mood-board different techniques and colors. I’ll start by jotting down color combinations I love and will combine them with abstract techniques, sometimes tying it all back to a core message that’s resonating with me that week. My looks are a reflection of my surroundings, mood, and day-to-day experiences.”

On Her Upcoming Brand, Embellish

“I'm so excited to launch Embellish. I wanted to develop elevated and editorial face accessories that are easy to use. Think, jewelry for your face that’s reusable. I've conceptualized stunning designs to take the difficult aspects of creative makeup out of the equation. I've always been drawn to maximalist, embellished looks, so it felt like the right move. I'm hoping to explore an innovative movement of beauty through self-adhesive rhinestones, pearls, liner strips, and more.”

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