10 Sagittarius-Inspired Nail Art Ideas For the Headstrong Season

Bold and bright manicures for the adventurous sign.

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We’re officially entering Sagittarius season, the last sign of the fall season and the final fire sign of the zodiac. With the season comes a big shift in energy. Known for being passionate, adventurous, curious, and fearless, Sagittarians are the much-needed bright light in the cold impending winter.

If there’s one thing that a centaur loves, it's change. So consider this permission to treat yourself to a new manicure, right away. Ahead, here are 10 designs to represent your Sagittarius fire.

Jelly Nails

What says fire sign more than red nails? These glossy jelly nails are simple, striking, and on-trend.

Brushed Chrome

This chrome manicure will become your steely and chic favorite mani this winter.

Reptilian Red

Alligator nails in shades of red feel both dangerous and fun.

Chrome Tips

Push a classic design to the next level by adding colorful chrome on your French manicure.

Blossom Manicure

A Sagittarius is unpredictable, much like this multicolored asymmetric blossom gel design.

Venom Nails

The blood-red and black manicure is shadowy and intense.

Flaming Tips

Embrace your inner fire literally and try flame design nails. The touch of gold only adds to the drama.

Dark Aura Nails

Aura nails have had a major moment this year and this moody purple version seems fitting for wild child Sagittarians.

Blunt & Burgundy

Keep it classic with this rich wine shade on short nails.

Mixed Metallics

Sagittarius season is all about versatility, meaning you don’t have to choose between being a silver or gold person when you can be both.

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