Cosmic Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get You Through Mercury Retrograde

Might as well navigate this chaotic astrological period with a fresh manicure.

If you follow astrology, you might have come to fear the dreaded Mercury retrograde season. This astrological reoccurrence has become synonymous with everything going wrong and life being turned on its head, and now it’s in effect from May 10 until June 3. Since planet Mercury rules communication and intellect, you can expect a few mishaps in the realms of communication, technology, and travel during Mercury retrograde. So due to potential drama and confusion, it’s a good time to lay low and not make any major decisions, thankfully, picking out your next manicure doesn’t fall into that category.

Tap through to check out the most exciting space-y nail art trends to get you through this Mercury retrograde period and the seasons beyond.

Blob Nails

This astrological season is already messy, why not get some 3D nail art to match?

Aura Nails

Keep your energy grounded and focused this month with calming aura nail art.

Pearly Swirls

Your life might not be pearly right now, but your nails can be. Pearl nail art is set to trend all summer long.

Classic White Manicure

We get it. It can be hard to make a decision (especially right now). Opting for an all-white manicure is a classic and elegant option.

Jelly Manicure

It’s hard to be stressed when your nail art is made of jelly. This teddy bear manicure is adorable and delivers and instant serotonin boost.

Mini French Tips

Keep it simple during points of contention this season with a colorful mini french manicure.


Chrome nails are everywhere right now—even on Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashian—and they’re only going to continue to trend through spring and summer 2022.

Two-Toned Graphics

These asymmetrical graphic designs in two contrasting colors make for a fun, mood-lifting visual (you might need it).

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