Starface is Collabing with Hello Kitty On the Cutest Pore Strips Ever

The Instagram-favorite skincare brand is back with another adorable collab.

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Long gone are the days where acne care was something to be hidden away and used only in private. Thanks to brands like Starface, which creates colorful, cruelty-free, and vegan hydrocolloid pimple patches, breakouts are now utterly Instagrammable. In fact, you’ve probably already scrolled past them on your feed in the form of a selfie decorated with little yellow (you guessed it) stars, their signature product.

You’ll now want to post your pore strips too, as Starface and Hello Kitty have teamed up for the cutest collaboration ever. Releasing Tuesday, August 12, Hello Kitty ® Lift Off Pore Strips will be available for $7.99.

Each pack of pore strips includes 8 strips and is made with a gentle clarifying blend of witch hazel leaf extract and aloe barbadensis leaf extract, which work together to calm sensitive skin, while deep cleaning blocked pores and balancing sebum secretion.

Starface x Hello Kitty ®

The collab is the second-ever co-created product between Starface and Sanrio and their last releases, Starface x Hello Kitty Hydro-Stars, sold out in less than 72 hours. We’re guessing this time around will be the same.

Grab yours at,, or while you still can.

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