Stevie Nicks with blonde hair that's streaked red.


The Most Iconic Beauty Looks From Stevie Nicks’ Rise To Fleetwood Mac Fame

From feathered bangs to fringe cuts.

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Fleetwood Mac is back in the spotlight, following the release of a viral TikTok video. Before appearing as the backing soundtrack to a leisurely skateboard (or rollerskating) ride, the group rose to prominence in the '70s, led often by vocalist Stevie Nicks.

Photo by Fin Costello/Redfern

Parted side bangs, and layered hair with volume made for a truly '70s look.

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Wearing her bangs straight and down, Nicks's hair showed a hint of waviness and curls at the ends.

Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns

Styling her bangs and front hair pieces in a fluffy, large fashion, Nicks paired her blonde hair with red lips.

Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage

Along with bright red lipstick, Nicks wore her hair in its natural curly state.

Photo by Peter Noble/Redferns

Making the case for curled bangs, Nicks posed for this photo with peachy lips.

Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns

This moment of rock and roll glam featured smoky eyes, a colorful lips, and curly hair fringe.

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A true '80s beauty routine, Nicks wore spiked and teased hair sections, as longer pieces of her hair were left out, creating a mullet-inspired style with attitude.

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Another look with sky-high volume, Nicks embraced the frizz and texture, wearing blown-out bangs along with some curls.

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Gloss was added to her usually matte red lips, and Nicks also added a black cap, and a streak of pink to her hair.

Photo by John Keating/Newsday RM via Getty Images
1997, Fleetwood Mac concert

Throughout the '90s and beyond, Nicks toned down the volume, but held onto the bangs.

Ahead, relive some of her most magical beauty routine moments.

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