Model wears green eyeshadow, one of summer 2021's biggest makeup trends
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The 6 Summer 2021 Makeup Trends Headed Straight For Your Feed

Prepare to scroll through lots of color.

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Spring is just on the horizon, but some beauty experts already have their eyes set on summer. It's never too early to start planning your next seasonal routine, and with warmer weather slowly returning, the makeup powers that be are predicting a season filled with colorful cosmetics.

Some new beauty products hitting the shelves have given makeup fans the first inkling at a season filled with possible experimentation, and after NYLON conferred with some experts, it seems that this summer could be the brightest yet.

Grab your best makeup brushes and get inspired with expert guidance on the top summer 2021 makeup trends, below.

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Best Summer 2021 Makeup Trends: Bold Eyeliner

Look to the eyeliner trends of the '70s for your summer inspiration, suggests Savannah St. Jean, Owner of Savannah Rae Beauty. “Consider swiping either a liquid or pencil liner in any color your heart desires. If you really want it to be on point for 2021, consider an earthy tone, such as burnt orange or forest green,” she said.

Best Summer 2021 Makeup Trends: Bright Eyeshadow

Don’t be afraid to spend the summer wearing colors you might normally avoid. Ashley DeLeon, product development director at Lime Crime, predicted fun eye makeup will definitely be trending. “It’s time to turn up the color with your makeup routines this summer and really express yourself. Tap into juicy bright eye shades like green, yellow, orange, and blue for a look that says 'confidence.' You can use one shade to swipe all over, or use together for an unexpected look," she said.

Best Summer 2021 Makeup Trends: Bold Lips

Unique color choices will also extend to your lipstick, David Razzano, Sephora's beauty director, predicted. “With so many people taking a break from lipstick in 2020, we are bound to see bold, bright lips make a triumphant return. It is an easy trend that polishes up any look and brightens your complexion as well as your mood,” he said.

Best Summer 2021 Makeup Trends: Unexpected Color

Bright color won’t be relegated to just eye shadow, as AJ Crimson, founder of AJ Crimson Beauty, believes the past year has led to an interest in finally unleashing some creativity. “What better way to break free from the mundane than to pull out all of your bright shades to bring some joy and color to your life through your makeup! From orange to vivid purples and splashes of neon, this is going to be a well-received and needed trend.”

Best Summer 2021 Makeup Trends: Glowing Skin

Whether you choose to spend your summer in the sun remains up to you, but that fresh-from-vacation glow will be trending, even if created with the help of product. DeLeon suggested layering complexion products like highlighter and blush to create a multidimensional makeup look.

Best Summer 2021 Makeup Trends: Metallics

Routines filled with sparkle and sheen will be sticking around this summer. “Makeup that has a gorgeous metallic finish is such an easy way to instantly create drama in your look — it’s like your beauty jewelry. You can use metallic products on the eyes, lips, cheeks, and even brows if you want to be daring,” Razzano suggested.

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