Summer Fridays' Long Awaited Moisturizer Is Finally Here

And the Cloud Dew Gel Cream doesn't disappoint.

In my experience, there are not as many products out there that master both results-driven functionality and an aesthetically pleasing brand identity as influencers or grand campaign rollouts would have you assume. Since its launch in 2018, however, Summer Fridays has proven that it certainly has both to offer, and its latest release, the dreamy, Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream, is a good example of that.

What it is:

Debuting on January 5, the oil-free, lightweight formula was designed to give the skin a major boost of hydration. To do so, it relies on not one but three types of hyaluronic acid, a skincare hero ingredient that naturally occurs in the body — best known for attracting and retaining moisture within the skin cells for a more plump and hydrated look and feel. In addition to the hyaluronic acid complex, the gel cream is also formulated with skin strengthening amino acids and smoothing pineapple enzymes, rich in vitamins E and C, that work to soften and even skin tone and texture.

Packaged in a 1.7 oz recyclable jar, the pink whipped gel cream is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Courtesy of Summer Fridays

Who it's for:

Lightweight gel creams have long been a favorite for both dry, thirsty skin and oily skin types. (While the latter may seem counterintuitive, the weightless feel of gel creams allow them to quickly absorb into the pores, leaving the skin hydrated and supple without adding any additional oil or shine.)

That said, Summer Fridays notes the Cloud Dew Gel Cream is suitable for all skin types — from normal and dry to combination and oily — and more specifically for those looking for a moisturizer to address dryness, dullness, and/or uneven texture.

Final verdict:

Despite having historically oily skin, being stuck in the house throughout quarantine has dried my skin out beyond what I've ever experienced, leaving it tight and itchy. The near-weightless, serum-like feel of this gel cream instantly soothed my skin without feeling slippy or greasy. It leaves my skin looking dewy and plump, and retains that feeling throughout the day. After two weeks of using, I have noticed a significant difference in the tightness and irritation I'd been feeling from my newly dry skin. It also features an extremely minimal scent for those averse to strong fragrances in their skincare.

Early reviews Sephora see folks pleased to finally have an alternative to using the brand's cult-favorite Jet Lag Mask as a moisturizer, with common callouts about its non-greasy feel and quick absorption. "When I apply it to my skin, it truly melts like butter and I wake up the following day looking plump," shared one five-star reviewer.

Summer Fridays new Cloud Dew Gel Cream is available for $42 at both and See the product in action, below.

Courtesy of Summer Fridays