13 Of Taylor Swift’s Most Memorable Music Video Beauty Moments

From “22” to “Cardigan”

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Taylor Swift has one of the most varied careers in music history. With every era has come a new look and sound, and as she prepares to rewrite her past on her own terms, NYLON is taking a look back. Ahead, see some of her best moments in music video beauty, beginning with the romantic curls that started it all.


Many of Swift’s earliest videos featured soft, romantic curls. Instead of her usual lipstick, the “Mine” video came with a natural, glossy pink.

“You Belong With Me”

Dressing up as the girl next door, Swift wore oversized glasses and a curly, low ponytail for “You Belong With Me”.

“Begin Again”

Embracing the romantic Parisian setting of “Begin Again,” Swift wore oversized waves parted to one side. She also added a shade of deep red lipstick.


A truly celebratory video, “22” featured Swift having fun with her looks. This particular routine came with a cat-inspired headband, bangs, and straight hair.

“Blank Space”

This short, curly bob was especially chic thanks to its blunt bangs, and the addition of red lipstick.

“Bad Blood”

Embracing the edgy nature of “Bad Blood,” Swift ditched her blonde hair for a red hue. She added to the energy with thick, winged liner and a dark red lip.

“Wildest Dreams”

Going dark brunette, Swift wore this curly bob with red lipstick.

“Look What You Made Me Do”

“Look What You Made Me Do” was filled with incredible beauty routines, including this updo, which came with stylized bangs.


“Me!” signaled the start of a colorful Swift era, and she welcomed it with blonde hair tinged in hues of blue.

“You Need To Calm Down”

She later fully welcomed a look with color, wearing this wig, which featured baby bangs and hues of pink, purple, and blue.


Back to her usual blonde curls, Swift had fun with styling, choosing an oversized headband.


Returning to soft romantic curls, Swift went with a minimalist makeup look for “Cardigan.”


The curly style got a glamorous upgrade in “Willow,” as Swift added a headband and red lipstick.

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