The 6 Hairstyles To Try In 2021, From Sleek Ponytails To Pixie Cuts

New Year, new 'do, new you.

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The new year is quickly approaching and the times of vast new beginnings will finally be here. It's the fresh start that you've been looking, and what better way to celebrate "New Year, New You" than with a hairstyle that's bound to be trending in 2021? A great and easy way to reinvent yourself is switching up that 'do.

Making a change to your hair can be more anxiety-ridden than switching up your wardrobe or trying a new product, so we turned to celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer Brand Ambassador Takisha Sturdivant-Drew and Unite Hair Ambassador & Stylist Graham Nation about their takes on what the hottest hairstyles to wear next year will be.

Whether your strands are straight or kinky or you're looking to get a bold new cut, there's definitely a new style ahead to bring the best new and better you forward.

2021 Trending Hairstyles: Bangs

The year 2020 brought the resurgence of bangs to the forefront for both women and men (see Lil Yahty), and will definitely "reign in the new year," according to Sturdivant-Drew. "With the Pixie Baby Bang Bob and Shag Bangs being amongst the easiest and fashionable looks. Other easy (and trendy) looks for 2021 [are] side-swept bang and textured curly bangs," she tells NYLON.

2021 Trending Hairstyles: Ponytails

"I think we'll see more snatched ponytails, ponytail clip-ins, and, overall, more thought-out hair looks," Nation shares with NYLON. We'll be seeing more "polished" and put-together looks in the near future — and a ponytail is as sleek and polished as you can get. Sturdivant-Drew also shares that really long ponytails, as well as kinky and curly ponytail updos, will be in for natural hair queens.

2021 Trending Hairstyles: Bob Cuts

Bobs will be making a comeback in 2021 for both straight and curly hair. "The bob will always have a big place in my heart. Just at or below the chin, a blunt but textured cut into layers," says Nation. If you have natural or textured hair, Sturdivant-Drew recommends trying a baby band with a bob cut. If you think you're prepared to get a major cut next year, try a bob.

2021 Trending Hairstyles: Pixie Cuts

This late '90s/early '00s hair cut will be back with a vengeance next year. If you like or are comfortable with wearing your hair in a close-cut, Sturdivant-Drew recommends trying either a "scalp cut with major lines and designs" or a "close-cut short pixie with a bold color, such as purple or lilac."

2021 Trending Hairstyles: Volume & Layers

For those that have long tresses who may not be so willing to part with their strands with a full-blown cut, there are styles for you, too. "I love seeing straight hair that has volume and movement in the haircut," says Nation. Having "seamless layers and textures" is all you need to keep long hair looking put together.

As for Sturdivant-Drew, she recommends styling those layers in a middle part with curls effortlessly brushed out or keeping it glossy and straight with a side part in typical Kardashian style.

2021 Trending Hairstyles: Keep The Texture

No matter your pattern or length, both Sturdivant-Drew and Nation recommend maintaining and embracing your texture. "Embrace the shape! Seeing curly styles with shape in the haircut will bring curls to life," Nation says. Sturdivant-Drew also insists on brushing out your textured hair and wearing it in a fro or trying to layer your curls.

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