This $549 No-Heat Curler Went Viral Over the Holidays

It's currently sold out online.

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It seems that everyone on TikTok got a Dyson Airwrap styler for Christmas — a styler that smooths and volumizes hair using no extreme heat. While the tool launched back in 2018, it’s gone viral this holiday season, with reviews and results dividing the internet. One TikTok user says the Airwrap curls her hair in ten minutes, and that “everyone needs” the styler. Others claim they can get the same results from cheaper stylers.

It’s no surprise that the Airwrap has gone viral now, just as we’re seeing a resurgence of the bouncy “Rachel” haircut. With ‘90s and Y2K layers back — and demand for the Rachel hairstyle skyrocketing by 179 percent since the Friends reunion teaser aired, according to beauty retailer Just My Look — the blowout is set to rule 2022. The Dyson Airwrap is one of many ways to achieve at-home volume, but is the viral device worth the hype?

Is It Worth It?

The Airwrap styler will set you back $550 (and more, if you want the barrels for long hair) so it’s a serious commitment. According to its thousands of reviews (82 percent of which would recommend it to a friend), it’s well worth the price. The main benefit comes from the low heat, so for those concerned with hair damage or using stylers every day, it may be for you. With that in mind, a viral TikTok reminded us that bouncy waves can also be achieved through another viral trend: heatless curls (where you wrap your hair in tights or a silk wrap overnight).

How it Works

The first thing you’ll learn on TikTok is that the Dyson Airwrap needs to be used on slightly damp hair, not wet hair or dry hair. Luckily, there’s a pre-styling dryer attachment that will help take your hair from soaking wet to barely damp. Once you’re ready to use the Airwrap, you choose your barrel size (1.2" or 1.6"), wrap each section of hair, and hold for 15 seconds (or until the piece is completely dry). You then set the curl and add styling products of your choice (like hairspray) to maximize curl longevity.

The low-heat technology works by harnessing airflow (something called the Coanda effect) to achieve a blowout without hair damage. The Airwrap dries and styles the hair simultaneously, styling with air. With a rising interest in hair health, it’s the perfect alternative to high heat stylers.

Where to Buy

If TikTok has convinced you to take the plunge, you can press purchase on the Airwrap on the Dyson website (well, usually), but be warned it is currently sold out. It’s also currently out of stock at Sephora — probably because of its current virality — but you can sign up to be notified for the awaited restock. If the internet at the moment is anything to go by, you may have to be quick to get your hands on the Airwrap for the new year.

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