Wandavision Has Inspired A Very Cool TikTok Makeup Challenge

The Marvel series has inspired some seriously impressive looks.

The world of Wandavision has taken over TikTok. Fans of the popular Disney+ series have created #Wandavisionmakeup, a hashtag featuring beauty looks inspired by the show's transition from black-and-white to color.

Started shortly after the series, starring Elizabeth Olsen, first debuted on Disney+, Wandavision makeup is centered on the idea of splitting your look into two. Using the Wandavision jingle that's popularized in the series, TikTok users are sharing videos featuring their creative beauty process.

Some users are taking a cue from Vision, adding elements of his red body and yellow jewel to contrast against a black-and-white color palette. Others are instead creating looks inspired by the show as a whole, which started in black-and-white, and later transitioned to color, reflecting Wanda's continued journey throughout television time.

The hashtag has also found its way to Instagram, and many on the social media platform are sharing similar looks. A few participants even incorporated the challenge's theme into their choice of hair, using a middle part to section hair into two different colors.

It's worth keeping tabs on TikTok to see how others put their spin on the trend, and with a few episodes of Wandavision still remaining, it's likely aspiring MUAs will get the chance to incorporate more colors and ideas into their next Marvel-inspired look.

See some of the Wandavision-inspired beauty routines on TikTok, below.