These New Reusable Eye Masks Had A Waitlist For A Reason

The sold-out, reusable eye mask is finally back in stock — for now.

Seeing a particular beauty product suddenly infiltrate your Instagram feed often means one of two things: the brand had a significant influencer budget, or people genuinely liked and believed in it enough to talk about it for free. The latter was the case for Dieux Skin, the newest skincare brand on the market, as it released its innovative debut product — the Forever Eye Mask — into the world. So much so, that a month's worth of inventory sold out in less than a week.

Traditionally, eye masks are viewed as a single-use product, and one that is used more for the ritual (and selfie) than it is for any tangible results. Dieux set out, as it plans to do with other product categories, to flip that narrative on its head, starting by making it much more sustainable. Housed in a sleek metal case, the back-in-stock Forever Eye Mask ($25) was created using platinum-grade reusable silicone, designed to work with your gels, serums, and creams for maximum absorption into the skin. Currently the only skincare product available for the brand, Dieux's co-founder and CEO Charlotte Palermino sees the mask as the first of many ways the team plans "rethink rituals."

"For that product, we just didn't understand why sheet masks had to exist," she told NYLON over email. "The serums on your counter tend to be of better quality and the mechanism that made sheet masks work was that occlusive layer to help plump the skin. We wanted to rethink the ritual. That's a lot of what we're trying to do, rethink how we do things."

Early in its launch messaging, the brand continues to hammer down the ways in which its prioritized transparency and conversation with its community — breaking down notoriously confusing skincare topics, even when they have nothing to do with Dieux's current offerings, like what should I look for in an eye cream? The brand hasn't shied away from the obvious taboos of launching a "sustainable" beauty brand in 2020, a time when the industry feels like it's overflowing with options, some less needed than others. In an Instagram post, the brand acknowledged the paradox: "In selling something, we are encouraging consumption. All consumption has an impact, and we must be accountable to that reality," the post read.

"You'll see with the products we launch how we are focused on educating consumers; whether it be on the kinds of regulations that exist in skincare, what you can cut out of your routine, or how we get to our prices," Palermino said of how Dieux plans to stay true to its founding truths.

"It's the brand I want because I don't want consumers to have to become investigative journalists to understand their skincare; that's our current state of things. It's important to give consumers this information because there's been so much misinformation in the industry. Companies throw around marketing terms, use fear to drive purchases, and we've moved away from what we love about beauty; the science, the efficacy but also that it can be a really fun process."

Shop the Dieux Forever Eye Mask restock while you can at for $25, and check out the brand's price transparency breakdown, below.