PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 04: Doja Cat is seen, outside Awake, during  Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear...
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The Wildest Celebrity Beauty Moments of 2022

The weirdest, wackiest, and most over-the-top hair and makeup looks of the year.

With red carpet events, parties, and fashion week, completely back in full swing, it’s no surprise that 2022 was packed with many shocking celebrity beauty moments. This was the year where the stars brought playfulness back into their creative hair and makeup. From Julia Fox’s intentionally messy eyeshadow, to Doja Cat’s full body paint looks, to MGK’s $30,000 diamond manicure, it was impossible to predict what we might see next.

Ahead, we wrap up the boldest, wildest, and most surprising celebrity beauty looks of the year.

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Julia Fox’s Extreme Eye Makeup

Who can forget how Julia Fox made smudgy, messy, thick black eyeshadow her signature look for the entirely of fashion month?