Thrive Causemetics' Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Brow Gel for a microblading effect.
Photo courtesy of Thrive Causemetics


This Eyebrow Gel Is The Perfect Dupe For Microblading

It actually dyes my brows with each use—no needles necessary

by Madeline Howard

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Let's be real here. Brows? They can make or break a makeup look. I care a lot about my brows. I like them fluffy, brushed up, on the darker side, and elongated. That's why I've been a die-hard Glossier Boy Brow fanatic basically since the brand got its start. I'd go through tubes of the Blonde shade on a monthly basis. It was my staple, and it will, in short, always have a place in my heart. But unfortunately, it's taken a backseat since I've found a new love interest as of late: Thrive Causemetics' Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Brow Gel.

Thrive Causemetics is a vegan, cruelty-free, and waterproof makeup brand that changed my brow game. Because everyone knows I'm a makeup-lover, people are constantly recommending different products to me. I used to say "absolutely not" to basically any kind of brow suggestion—that is, until a trusted beauty editor said I "absolutely must" give Thrive a try.

I checked out the website, which claims that the product tints your brows over time—like microblading, minus the needles. While I was skeptical of these claims, my curiosity overpowered me, and I selected the "Christina" shade, which is for folks with dark blonde-ish, brown-ish hair tones, and waited for the package to arrive.

And when it did? Let me tell you, this stuff is pure gold. The product feels super lightweight, unlike the Boy Brow formula, and, as promised, it dyes my brows a little bit each time I put it on (which is every day). Consider me a convert. Over the past few months, I've noticed that my brows are totally perfect even when I'm not wearing the gel, like during workouts or when I've just woken up. My brows also look much fuller and, thanks to what Thrive calls its Micropigment Technology, the sisters—not twins— above my eyeballs are straight-up bold.

If you're looking to spice up your brow game, I can't recommend enough that you try this product. The gel comes in two other shades called "Audrey" and "Serena" for deeper brunettes and black tones specifically. Thrive Causemetics also sells a breadth of products for all your beauty needs. But, if you're looking for somewhere to start (because who wouldn't want to support a company that hasn't taken money from Trump supporters right now), don't sleep on this gel, because I totally stan.

Thrive Causemetics,Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel, $24, available at Thrive Causemetics.