The 8 Best Etsy Shops For Vintage Clothing

Thrifting without the hassle

We shouldn't have to tell you that fast fashion is bad and ruining our environment. Well, did you also know that buying vintage is the most sustainable way of shopping? You're recycling clothes that already exist in the world and, as a result, saying no to cheap labor and cheap materials. We've already given you a list of Instagram-based vintage places to shop, but there's also a whole, thriving vintage community on Etsy.

"As trends from past decades resurface, it's not surprising that vintage searches are rising," Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert, tells us. "Even more, shoppers aren't restricted to their local stores when shopping vintage on Etsy—they can discover awesome clothing, furniture, and home goods from sellers all over the world." So, in our never-ending attempt to stop people from purchasing clothes they're going to toss in a couple of months, ahead, the best Etsy shops for vintage clothing.

Persephone Vintage

A shop so nice, we're listing it twice (once in our Instagram vintage story). The owner of the shop, Susan Choi, is an expert curator of minimalist '60s and '90s pieces. From classic statement earrings to satin and velvet evening dresses, there's a wide range of items to choose from.

Wayward Collection

Based in Philadelphia, this shop contains pieces from the late 1800s to the 1990s "with a focus on natural and luxury fibers, classic design, and contemporary styling," as the description outlines. You can also find designer pieces from Diane von Furstenberg, Issey Miyake, and Perry Ellis.

The Curvy Elle

Cute, plus-size vintage items are hard to come by which is part of the reason why Laurel Teixeira chose to start The Curvy Elle. It's got a really retro vibe, so, as long as you're into polka dots and brightly colored clothing (which is most people), you'll find plenty to choose from.


If you're looking to get in on the cowboy trend, or are in need of a great (faux!) fur jacket, or maybe you've realized that Levi's jeans are superior to all others, then you've come to the right shop. Downhouse has all of that and then some.


If consignment shopping is more your style, then SooLastSeason is basically an online version of one. You can find pieces like a Christian Dior by John Galliano denim print silk skirt or a Gucci shoulder bag for a steal.

Vaux Vintage

Vaux has a storefront in Red Hook, Brooklyn, but, for those unable (or unwilling) to make that trek, its Etsy shop also has a good diverse selection—from brown leather loafers to this soft chiffon pink jumpsuit.

Dirty City Vintage

Dirty City Vintage mostly focuses on lingerie items like slip dresses and pink lace nightgowns which, if you've been paying attention, are what most women are wearing outside of the bedroom these days, anyway. You can also pick up things like a red gingham top and beaded purses if that's more to your liking.


Distinctly very '70s-themed, RebelCloset houses the best bell bottoms and shaggy bell-sleeved dresses we've seen. The shop's vintage T-shirts are also pretty impressive.