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7 Late-Summer Nail Art Looks That Aren't Boring

Chains and pearls? Yes!

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

We've officially crossed the threshold into the late-summer territory—a decidedly weird time for your manicure. It's an in-between moment, where blood-red nails feel like a little too much, and neon nails are a few weeks too late (rules aside, they're always a mood though). But in the ambiguity of wow-it's-almost-fall, there comes the opportunity to experiment with looks you might have previously overlooked. Maybe you prioritized jelly nails, or just had to wear the same yellow shade again (granted, that's probably just me), but now is the time to branch out and try something new. You know, before you fall victim to rocking black nails at the first sign of a turned leaf.

Behold, quality inspo ahead.

Chains and Pearls

Dots, Meet Cuticle Art

Because You Shouldn't Have to Choose

A Kiss of Ombré

Tie-Dye Tips

The Drip!!!!