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Beyoncé's New Pictures Of Rumi And Sir Are The Cutest Ever

It's been five months since we last saw the twins

Around 18 months ago, Beyoncé had twins Rumi and Sir. We've barely seen pictures of them since then, but, just in time for the holidays, Bey has blessed us with two new glimpses of the pair.

She posted pictures of the two on her website, and, if you scroll too fast, you just might miss them. They're inserted in between shots of the singer looking radiant during a wedding in India at which she performed and the Global Citizen Festival. One shows Beyoncé holding Rumi while Rumi, looking away from the camera and wearing adorable yellow bows in her hair, holds a purple toy. Then, if you scroll a little more, there's Rumi and Sir clad in white playing in the water on a beach at sunset. It's adorable.

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Beyoncé last shared pictures of the twins back in July and, if she chooses to only update us every five months on their lives, then that's fine by us. See you in May, Rumi and Sir!