BROCKHAMPTON's "Sugar" Video Is Full Of Aliens, Sex & Slime

I have many questions after watching the bonkers new video

Have you seen BROCKHAMPTON's new music video for "Sugar"? Have you ruminated on the potentially life-changing affects of the four-minute visual? If not, you should (the first forty-five seconds of the video will do), and then DM me on what the hell you think is going on because I am descending into a spiral of chaos.

Here's a quick rundown of what happens: Two teens are having sex (OK, normal), when an alien walks in with a gun and shoots the guy in the head (hmmmmmm, sure). The alien begins singing the song's soft and melancholy vocoder intro, as the band members hop into the room through the window (On my fifth watch, I'm rolling with it!). Here, everything reverts back to normal music video conventions — sort of. There's a scene of one of the members singing in a fire while a naked person in a devil mask stands behind them; frontman Kevin Abstract is suspended to a ceiling by what looks like toxic green slime that keeps dripping onto the other members' faces below; bearface is...laying on a very dirty carpet. All of these things I can deal with.

Taking into consideration the GINGER cut's lyrics about isolation and needing a somebody by their side, I can see the loose symbolic ties of the video's plot to the song's meaning. More or less, it makes sense! Even the random cartoon sun in the corner! But my brain wants more literal answers like:

1. Who is this alien?

2. What relationship does the alien have to the girl?

3. Why hasn't she done something with the boy's body or cleaned up the blood yet?

4. How is she gonna explain this to the police?

5. How come the mouth of the gun the alien was holding looked really wide but the actual hole in the guys head was really tiny?

6. Why does this alien have hair, and who styled it?

7. What kind of workouts does this alien do to get so fit?

8. Am I the only one who was expecting an American Beauty-type set up when the camera was zooming out on bearface?

9. How many pounds of slime is that?

10. Is it me, or is the devil kinda hot? (DM me if you agree, pun intended)

11. OK, again, what is the literal connection between the alien and the couple?

12. How are the youths literally this creative? (Also DM me if you have answers so I can pivot to that in 2020.)