15 Bucket Hats Perfect For Sunny Weather

Cute *and* functional? Don't mind if we do

Tie-dye isn't the only California cool trend to resurface over the past few seasons: welcome the versatile bucket hat.

The bucket hat (or the fisherman hat, as it's sometimes called) may have had its fashion heyday back in the '90s, but it's been having a major resurgence on the runways ever since Fall 2018 when it's been seen on both the runways of Prada and Lacoste. Fast-forward to Spring/Summer 2019, and they were seen all over, from R13's snakeskin and leopard print caps to Anna Sui's tropical jacquard versions to the oversized shields at 3.1 Phillip Lim. And now, they're just about everywhere, and available at every price point.

This summer's iterations are not only the perfect way to top off your look, but they're also pretty practical for days spent under the sun. Offering an extra dose of sun protection to your scalp, hair, and face, they make an excellent addition to your daily SPF, especially if you're planning to spend some time outdoors.

Below, we rounded up the best bucket hats of the summer, from tie-dye canvas to tortoiseshell PVC, to wear all summer long. And if there's any indication from the Fall 2019 runways, bucket hats aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so consider these a sound investment.

Photo courtesy of Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull The Brand, Zoella Floral Print Dusk Bucket Hat, $89, available at Faithfull The Brand.

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony, Snap Fisherman Hat, $55, available at Opening Ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Ganni

Ganni, Biodegradable Bucket Hat, $80, available at Ganni.

Photo courtesy of Topshop

Topshop, Hawaiian Bucket Hat, $26, available at Topshop.

Photo courtesy of Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf, Cherry Check Hat, $14.61, available at Lazy Oaf.

Photo courtesy of Lack Of Color

Lack Of Color, Wave Bucket in Zebra, $99, available at Lack Of Color.

Photo courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Prada, Tie-Dyed Cotton Canvas Bucket Hat, $340, available at Net-A-Porter.

Photo courtesy of ASOS

ASOS Design, 80s Print Bucket Hat, $23, available at ASOS.

Photo courtesy of Free People

Free People, Day Glow Bucket Hat, $28, available at Free People.

Photo courtesy of Clyde

Clyde, Fisherman Hat in Chartreuse, $216, available at Clyde.

Photo courtesy of KkCo

KkCo, Forage Hat, $110, available at KkCo.

Photo courtesy of Acne Studios

Acne Studios, Bucket Hat, $150, available at Acne Studios.

Photo courtesy of Madewell

Madewell, Short-Brimmed Canvas Bucket Hat, $19.99, available at Madewell.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfittters

Urban Outfitters, Printed Bucket Hat, $19, available at Urban Outfitters.

Photo courtesy of Loeffler Randall

Loeffler Randall, Ivy Bucket Hat, $60, available at Loeffler Randall.

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