10 Products That'll Give You The Ass Of Your Dreams

The best in butt beauty

There's a new beauty trend a-brewin', and it's one we can definitely all get behind: butt beauty as the newest form of self-care. Sure, butt products have existed for some time now, but after seeing plenty of butt-masking action backstage at New York Fashion Week, we're foreseeing a full-on butt beauty movement.

Curious to indulge in a bit of bum self-care yourself? We rounded up the 10 best products to get you started, from the NYFW-famous masks to the best scrubs, lotions, dry brushes, and more. With warmer weather just around the corner, prepare to have the smooth, soft, and glowy butt you've always dreamed of with products that work to exfoliate, tighten, detox, and more.

Your beginner's guide to all things butt beauty, below.

Photo courtesy of Bawdy Beauty

Bawdy Beauty, Squeeze It, $9, available at Bawdy Beauty.

We can't get enough of these butt sheet masks. While Bawdy Beauty has four different types of masks specifically formulated for your butt, we recommend the Squeeze It, its brightening and rejuvenating treatment, for a winter cure-all. After all this cold, gray weather, whose booty doesn't need a little radiance boost?

Photo courtesy of Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro, Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $45, available at Sol de Janeiro.

The original butt beauty balm, we're sold on Sol de Janeiro's award-winning Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It smells like a tropical paradise and uses guaranà extract, as well as a number of nourishing butters and oils, to tighten the appearance of skin while boosting radiance for an all-around irresistible bum.

Photo courtesy of The Lab & Co.

Green Heart Labs, Butt Acne Clearing Lotion, $9, available at The Lab & Co.

Just like acne can show up on our faces, our backs, and other parts of our bodies, it can also show up on our bums. Green Heart Labs' Butt Acne Clearing Lotion aims to "clear your rear" by catering to the delicate skin of your bum while using extra-gentle exfoliating acids to reveal new, fresh skin.

Photo courtesy of Anese

Anese, That Booty Tho, $28, available at Anese.

This powerful butt scrub will give you the ultimate soft bottom, working to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, butt blemishes, discoloration, and more. When used regularly, it helps promote skin cell regeneration, leaving you with an ultra-soft, ultra-radiant bum.

Photo courtesy of Massk

Massk, Butt Cheek Cleanser, $49, available at Massk.

Butts need cleansing too, and this deep-cleansing wash purifies with tea tree oil and bamboo charcoal powder, protects and reduces inflammation with powerful plant oils, and revives with nourishing aloe vera, olive oil, and rosehip oil.

Photo courtesy of Frank Body

Frank Body, Shimmer Scrub, $19.95, available at Frank Body.

Okay, technically this is an allover body scrub, but when it leaves you with a subtle iridescent shimmer and gorgeously smooth and soft skin, how could we not use it on our butts?

Maelys, B-Tight Mask, $49, available at Maelys.

While we fully embrace our booty's natural look (cellulite and all), this cream butt mask helps increase circulation and detoxifies.

Photo courtesy of Lush

Lush, Rump, $22.95, available at Lush.

This aloe gel-, rose water-, and cupuacu butter-boasting booty lotion smells like heaven and helps fight the not-so-nice effects of friction and chafing. What more could we want?

Photo courtesy of Nanette de Gaspé

Nanette de Gaspé, Tush, $175, available at Nanette de Gaspé.

While the price may feel steep, Tush is an intensive, five-week butt ritual that aims to leave you with a visibly more supple and bouncy butt. Don't mind if we do!

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Dr. Barbara Sturm, Medium Anti-Cellulite Brush, $38, available at Neiman Marcus.

Dry brushing can work wonders for your skin, from promoting blood circulation and lymphatic flow to reducing the appearance of cellulite (when used in conjunction with exercise, naturally).

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