Photo courtesy of Reebok


Cardi B Shares How She Stays Real In New Video

And embraces being "weird"

Reebok dropped a video with its new ambassador Cardi B, where she talks about how the Bronx influenced her style and how she embraces being "weird" while modeling some of the pieces from Reebok's new Meet You There collection.

In addition to her hometown borough, Cardi said that she takes style cues from her friends. She also brought up her thick Bronx accent as something that makes her unique, and says that she didn't get rid of it as a way to "stay me." "I started feeling real insecure about it, but it's like, Nah, forget it I gotta be real with myself all the time," she said.

Cardi also talked about the videos that she still posts on Instagram, where she delivers monologues to the camera, and said that she loves the responses she gets where people tell her that they relate. "I just thought I was weird because everybody [kept] telling me that I'm weird," she said, but the responses made her think, "I guess there's a lot of weird people out there."

The Meet You There collection is available now at Reebok, offering sizes from XXS to XXXL and all priced below $70. Watch Cardi's interview, below, and get a peek at the collection.