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Wife Of Top Trump Aide Is An Anti-Vaxxer Who Speaks In Hashtags

Which is wrong on so many levels

Darla Shine, the wife of Trump's Deputy White House Chief of Staff Bill Shine—and noted racist—has identified herself as an anti-vaxxer who is nostalgic about childhood diseases. She revealed this information in a series of tweets riddled with hashtags.

Shine issued her early-morning diatribe on Wednesday when she was apparently watching a CNN segment about the current measles outbreak in 10 states. She argued that the crisis was "#Fake #Hysteria," and asserted that "the entire Baby Boom population alive today had the #Measles as kids" as her evidence. She ended the tweet with an even wilder claim that the Boomers' "#ChildhoodDiseases" actually "keep you healthy & fight cancer." Holy shit.

After she was called out for her obviously inaccurate and ridiculous standpoint, she says that she was "waiting for the #Left to come after me" for her opinion, which she claims is a "fact." I would tell her to read literally any scientific finding on vaccines, but we all know that she probably doesn't believe in science. "Bring it on!" she says, followed by a series of inane hashtags including "#Slander," "#Libel," "#Liars," and "#BigPharma."

As CNN reported, the truth on the measles outbreak is that it is so bad that the teenage children of anti-vaxxers are taking to social media to find out how to get themselves vaccinated, since *gasp* vaccinations are necessary and life-saving and safe.