7 Ethical Swimwear Brands To Know And Shop

And love

We've drilled this into your head all last month, in honor of Earth Day (and before that and after that), but the planet isn't in great shape right now, and the fashion and textile industry is one of the worst contributors to the pollution we're working to reduce. What that means is we all need to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, and one place you can start is being mindful of how and where you shop. And with summer on the horizon, we thought we'd turn the focus to swimwear.

We compiled a list of environmentally responsible swimwear a couple of years ago, but there have been a handful of new eco-conscious brands that have popped up on the market, so we decided it was time for a new list. Plus, having more options so you can help improve the environment is never a bad thing.

Ahead, check out some of our favorites.


Brazilians do laissez-faire beach life really, really well, so it makes sense that new swimwear brand Bromelia would be inspired by the country's beach-y spirit. Not only that, the pieces are created using local fabrics made by women in Rio de Janeiro. "They were not made by design execs at the top firms; but rather, created by real women with real ideas," a statement from the brand reads. "There was no better way to grow the brand's roots than with the ladies who have been wearing these suits their whole lives."


St. Louis-based brand Summersalt put in work to make sure customers not only make guilt-free purchases but also ones worth their money. The company took body measurements from 10,000 women to ensure the pieces fit a range of women and uses recycled materials (like fishing nets pulled from the ocean) for both the swimsuits and the packaging. Plus, their color-blocked styles will stand out on any beach.


Our favorite minimalist brand launched a line of sustainable swimwear (called Second Wave) earlier this year. The mix-and-match pieces (a good number of solid and printed) are made out of recycled plastic and retail for under $100. Madewell notes that around 50,920 bottles were repurposed for the collection. Broken down, that's eight bottles per one-piece and four per bikini.


Drawing inspiration from vintage lingerie sets, Galamaar's swimwear is meant to be more classic than trendy. That means you'll find clean lines, high-cuts, and simple timeless styles. As far as sustainability goes, the company tries to pay attention to the big and little things, like recycled hang tags, regenerated mixed metal hardware, and waste-to-wear fabric, none of which takes away from the impeccable construction.

Bissy Swim

After being featured in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, founder Allie Ayers decided to take that momentum and spin it into a size-inclusive brand. Bissy Swim offers sizes 0 to 26 and swimsuits for both the itty bitty bikini lovers and those who prefer a bit more coverage.


To cut back on waste, many of Hackwith Design House's items aren't made until somebody places an order. That might mean it takes a little bit longer to get to you, but we think a little sacrifice in exchange for environmental consciousness is okay. The line is also made with all body types in mind, and each suit is cuter than the last.

Outdoor Voices

Typically known for its leggings and workout gear, Outdoor Voices also has a small but substantial collection of swimwear. The pieces are great for the more athletic types and are made from recycled material and in safe, ethical working conditions.

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