A still from "Head Above Water."


Avril Lavigne's Music Video Evolution From Skater Rebel To Pop-Punk Queen

Few artists have left a more indelible mark on pop-punk than Avril Lavigne.

When it comes to pop-punk, no artist has left a more indelible mark on the genre than Avril Lavigne. Her music videos defined what was cool — or not — in the early-to-late ‘00s. Admit it, we all wanted to get in with the skater boys after watching “Sk8er Boi.” Ahead, find 14 of the Canadian star’s most iconic music video moments, from “Complicated” to “Flames.”

“Complicated” (2002)

In her first music video, an 18-year-old Avril and a gaggle of boys are up to your typical teenage antics: being absolute menaces at their local mall.