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Not Even Billie Eilish Is Immune To Ghosting

“To this day, [he] never texted me again.”

by Carson Mlnarik

Billie Eilish got painfully candid about her personal life on Hit Me Hard And Soft, but there’s one heartache she’s remained quiet about until now: an “insane” ghosting experience. The 22-year-old opened up about the situation, which occurred in Dec. 2023, in a recent interview on the BBC Sounds podcast Miss Me?

As the “Lunch” singer told hosts Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver, the circumstances were extreme. “It was somebody I’d also known for years, and [we] had a plan, the day of, on the phone, making a plan, this is my address, be there at 3 p.m. — never heard from him again,” she said. “To this day, [he] never texted me again … I didn’t know people still did that.”

That being said, the pop star seems to be more focused on friendships, especially after feeling like she lost “all of [her] friends when [she] got famous” as a teen. Eilish, who hit the mainstream at just 14 years old with the debut single “Ocean Eyes,” admitted that she initially “couldn’t relate to anyone.” In fact, the singer said “Smile” — the 2006 hit by Allen (an early-aughts pop queen in her own right) — used to bring her down. “You have that line that’s, ‘With a little help from my friends / I found the light at the tunnel at the end,’ I used to want to cry hearing that line because I didn’t feel that way,” Eilish said.

But over the past year, the “What Was I Made For” singer said she made a conscious decision to make “new friends and [rekindle] old friendships.” And thankfully, she’s now got a dependable crew to help her see that light — even if she’s a little hard to reach. “I have 1,993 texts that I haven’t read,” she told the hosts. “I want to respond, I want to do whatever somebody is saying or asking of me, and I just don’t. I see it and I’m like, ‘Hold on, let me do this thing,’ and then I just never do it.”

Considering she just dropped a ginormous third album, is gearing up for a North American tour this fall, and gave a stunning debut performance of “The Greatest” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, we’d say she’s earned a pass.

Watch her performance of the powerful Hit Me Hard and Soft track below.