Boys World's First Tour Was Filled With Fans & Y2K Flair

The TikTok girl group shares their tour diary on NYLON.

There’s no greater benchmark for an artist than embarking on your very first tour — and the five friends of TikTok sensation Boys World can now say they’ve done just that.

As August came to a close the Los Angeles girl group — Lillian, Queenie, Makhyli, Olivia, and Elana — touched down on the East Coast to meet their fans face-to-face for the first time at venues in Toronto, NYC, and Virgina, doing press and making a pit-stop at the New York State Fair along the way. Judging from their NYLON-exclusive photo diary, it was a whirlwind, complete with backstage stunting, a bevy of Y2K looks, unreleased song performances, and unforgettable encounters with some lucky fans.

The tour comes on the heels of their debut EP, me, my girls & I, a five-track collection of propulsive pop songs about dating and relationships told through the viewpoint of a clique of friends. Below, find photos from the tour alongside Boys World’s candid commentary.

Toronto: 1st show, 1st tour babyy!!!!!!

Toronto: “boy i know you miss me SO WHAT”

Toronto: the best fan that we could’ve picked to join us on stage :) we brought someone on stage at each show!

NY State Fair: moments before we got onstage to perform at the NY state fair! Olivia had one too many energy drinks before this performance haha

NY State Fair: that face you make when you look around and realize you’re sharing your dream with your best friends.


NYC: exit to the left and we’ll show you the door.

NYC: we love interacting with the crowd as much as possible and making everyone feel welcome and loved.

NYC: this is choreography from an unreleased song that we performed at each show on tour hehe.

NYC: u don’t know you've been touched by an angel

Vienna: what happens in the green room stays in the green room.

Vienna: the babiezzzz on tour !!

Vienna: talking to fans is our fav part of the show!

Photos by Julia Tsaknis.