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Charli XCX's "Used To Know Me" Video Is Full Of Extravagant Looks

She can do it all.

Charli XCX has the budget. Never one to skimp on her visuals, the pop star’s latest video for Crash party anthem “Used To Know Me” channels at least eight different, distinct, and completely extravagant looks — from Marie Antoinette-core to sexy nun and ‘80s aerobic instructor. Let’s get into them ahead:


Following a brief opener of Charli in a cute set of pj’s, the singer’s first look is a head-to-toe dominatrix-style leather cat suit. Full of laced-up details and an impressive amount of grommets, she also manages to execute a full-on choreographed routine in it.

And did we mention the whip-like ponytail? We’d also be seated five feet away from Charli if that were us.


In a complete 180, her next look goes straight into America’s heartland with a sweet, pale pink cheerleading set (and black undies repping her label, Atlantic Records). In an unexpected beauty twist, she goes blonde for this look — and pulls it off.

It’s a blast to the past with her third look: her interpretation of the big-haired aerobics instructor. Paired with a bold swash of aqua eye-shadow on her lids, she certainly makes this ‘80s archetype look a lot more appealing.

Lest we forget Charli’s in her “evil” era, her fourth transformation is just sexy nun, complete with a butt-length nun habit and all. We could talk about the sacrilege of it all, but we’d rather know where she got the suit from?


The beauty for her nun look is also some of the video’s best, featuring red rhinestones in her eye make-up and little black crosses on her nails. The devil is in the details after all.


Charli’s fifth look is... Euphoria? Las Vegas showgirl? Whatever the theme, it’s campy, blinged-out, and one of the video’s more opulent styles. The rhinestone detailing around her eyes is *chef’s kiss.*


If you didn’t know, Charli XCX grew up raving and it seems she taps into that part of her past with her next look: rave girl in a box? Complete with space buns and black-light eyeshadow and nails, we’re dutifully taking notes for our next night out.


Finally, the pièce de résistance, the cherry on the cake, is Charli’s Marie Antoinette recreation with her bleached-blonde bouffant, magenta cheeks, and baby blue-embellished gown. It’s no easy task topping Kirstin Dunst but Charli is the closest we’ve seen to succeeding. What can we say — she can do it all.

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