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Cimafunk's Wild Ride

After a history-making Coachella debut, the Cuban-born artist brings his uninhibited vibe to a new album.

by Lauren McCarthy
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Pat Martin/NYLON

Cimafunk sums up the feeling of his shows in one word: “wild.” Recently, he brought that energy to the desert, where he made history as the first Cuban-born artist to take the Coachella stage. “When people are at a festival for multiple days, they get super comfortable,” he says. “They are just going to be chilling and enjoying the crazy vibe.”

His 2017 debut album was named Terapia — meaning therapy — because his shows are designed to help “deliver yourself to the groove and to a tribal state.” Performing in Indio was a fitting next step. “Coachella is a really magical place full of spirit and vibrations,” he says, adding that his music is for the soul and for the body. “It’s trying to make you forget things and get you connected with your environment — people, trees, land, the way you move, everything.”

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After the festival? A new album, the musician’s fourth. “We have been on vacation, me and the band, so now we’re getting it together with some new songs,” he says. “My band is my tribe — we are family.”

Anything goes if Cimafunk’s at an afterparty. “The best one I’ve ever been to was in the Dominican Republic at the festival Isle of Light,” he says. “We were up all night!”

Photographs by Pat Martin

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