7 More Controversial Music Videos That Pissed Off Conservatives

Lil Nas X wasn't the first pop star to draw on religious imagery for his visuals, and won't be the last.

The list of offensive music videos is long and endless. From Madonna’s (literally) incendiary “Like A Prayer,” to Lady Gaga’s many forays into biblical retellings, pop culture’s eternal dance with religion has always stoked controversy. Here are seven more controversial videos that made people mad that predate Lil Nas X’s “Montero.”

“Like A Prayer” - Madonna (1989)

Madonna dances in front of burning crosses and gets sexual with Jesus (who’s also Black) in this wild video that might be one of the most controversial of all time.


“Closer” - Nine Inch Nails (1989)

The crucifixion symbolism alongside Trent Reznor whispering about desecrating someone made “Closer” perfect outrage fodder.


“God” - Tori Amos (1994)

We’re not sure what exactly people were mad about in this one; maybe it was the light witch imagery, the snake exorcism, or the shot of brown rats running up and down Amos’s body.

“Hate Me Now” - Nas ft. Puff Daddy (1999)

Nas getting crucified in this video was just one half of the controversy; later drama involving Diddy, a studio exec, and a different edit of this video made “Hate Me Now” an unforgettable moment in hip-hop history.


“Alejandro” - Lady Gaga (2008)

People decried Lady Gaga for deep throating a rosary (among other offenses) in “Alejandro.” In fact, the music video’s director said, it was actually showing Gaga’s “desire to take in the holy.”


“Judas” - Lady Gaga (2011)

Three years later, Gaga outdid herself with this modern-day Judas and Mary Magdalene retelling that led the Catholic League’s president to call her “increasingly irrelevant.”


“all the good girls go to hell” - Billie Eilish (2019)

Billie’s tar-covered fallen angel might’ve been her way of pointing out climate change, but that didn’t stop people from calling blasphemy.


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