Delve Into The World Of Cottagecore With This Cozy Playlist

If the TikTok-famous aesthetic was music, what would it sound like?

When Taylor Swift released folklore, the term "cottagecore" was thrown around as a descriptor of its sound. An aesthetic born from the starry-eyed young minds on TikTok and Tumblr, cottagecore is a simple enough concept: knitting, baking, foraging, farming, and similar trappings of a quaint existence all fall under the umbrella. Functionally, imagine life in the woods. Spiritually, cottagecore feels like a yearning for simpler and uncomplicated days.

When NYLON tasked ourselves to uncover more cottagecore-sounding songs that could sit alongside folklore, we found ourselves drawing up a moodboard ranging from the verdant folk of Big Thief, to the Miyazaki-like wonder of Japanese composer Hiroshi Yoshimura. Dive into it after the jump, and follow the playlist on Spotify.

"betty" - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's dip back into country features nostalgic storytelling that feels as warm as an old blanket.