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DreamDoll On The Female MCs That Shaped Her Musical Identity

From Lil Kim to Queen Latifah, the Bronx native details her hip-hop canon.

A stroll down DreamDoll's hip-hop canon is a vital opportunity to remember how women rappers and MC's ruled and still run the game. When NYLON asked the sweet-voiced Bronx-raised rapper to create a playlist of her ultimate hits by women artists, she picked from the greats — Eve, Lil Kim, and Queen Latifah — and also her many contemporaries — Cardi B, City Girls, and Remy Ma.

Over email, DreamDoll remembers many of these women as pioneers in their field — "Queen Latifah is an example of not being boxed in and you can do it ALL," she says. See Dream's full playlist here, and click on to read what she had to say about a few of the highlights.

"Love Is Blind"- Eve

"Eve is the original pit bull in a skirt. I remember the first time I heard this record on the radio and loved it. I felt so many emotions around the idea of losing a friend to domestic violence. When I got a little older and had my own unfortunate experience with domestic violence, the message in the record became more personal."