Halsey's Music Video Evolution From "Hurricane" To "I Am Not A Woman, I'm A God"

They’re not only a prolific songwriter, but also an ambitious visual storyteller.

Halsey's is not only a prolific songwriter and poet but also an ambitious visual storyteller when it comes to bringing the worlds her songs inhabit to life. Sometimes, that leads to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom's multi-video long Romeo & Juliet story. Other times, you get an industrial rock opera that looks like an Elizabeth sequel we'd want to watch. Always, they're a wild ride. We rounded up her best ahead.

“Hurricane” (2014)

Though “Hurricane” may be a song about a boy down in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn), the video is a dreamy montage in line with the track’s trippy vibes, featuring a group of young friends having some summer fun.


“Ghost” (2015)

The first “Ghost” video may have featured Halsey fighting at a California hotel with her boyfriend, but this second version, shot in Tokyo, is all love as Halsey starts up a sexy romance with a girl in a pink wig.


“New Americana” (2015)

In which Halsey lays out the main tenets of 2015 counterculture values, from legalizing marijuana to same sex marriage, in an apocalyptic short film that ends with the singer escaping being burned at the stake.


“Colors” (2015)

Halsey’s 1950s Americana dream takes an unexpected twist — for both her and her on-screen boyfriend, Tyler Posey.


“Now Or Never” (2017)

In this six-minute clip directed by Halsey herself, the singer puts her acting chops to use in the dramatic telling of a violent shooting and a love fortune gone wrong. It’s the first in a string of interconnected videos, filled with gold medallions, crosses and angel wings.


“Alone” (feat. Big Sean, Stefflon Don)

In “Alone,” Halsey finds her winged ex-lover from the “Now Or Never” video with another woman at a “Celebration of Death” party, where she also runs into Big Sean and Stefflon Don. She throws up in a fountain at the sight, which Halsey explained on Twitter as her "purging herself of Solis," aka the ex-boyfriend.


“Strangers” feat. Lauren Jauregui (2018)

Halsey and Lauren Jauregui duke it out in the ring as she now attempts to tell the story of how she met Solis in the first place — and apparently it was while fighting her ex-ex-girlfriend Rosa (aka Jauregui). Drama!


“Without Me” (2018)

The first of her Manic era, “Without Me” is a shift to darker aesthetics and storylines. This one finds Halsey’s stuck in the turbulent throes of a toxic relationship.


“Nightmare” (2019)

Halsey calls upon her supermodel friends, Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse and more, for this punk-y visual filled with bloody noses, spitting at the camera, and a lot of head banging.


“Graveyard” (2019)

Halsey takes a page out of Euphoria’s book for this mood-lit and eerie video, in which she goes on a dreamy carnival adventure with Sydney Sweeney’s character, a girl she drew that’s come to life.


“You Should Be Sad” (2020)

Halsey pays homage to Shania Twain in this wacky yet very chic video that also includes a sexy hoedown dance number, and a shot of her completely nude on a white horse.


“I am not a woman, I’m a god” (2021)

Halsey explores themes of motherhood and power in this video, which includes some stunning shots of her baby bump, and her as a cold Victorian-era ruler.


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