Cardi Tries


Exclusive Clip: Cardi B Tries Football With Megan Thee Stallion

The artist also shares what she never wants to try again on her show, 'Cardi Tries.'

Cardi B is nothing if not a comedian. The artist may have a Best Rap Album Grammy under her belt and a global fanbase for her dancefloor hits, but real fans will remember her time on Love & Hip-Hop or even her early days on social media, chopping it up with her followers, sharing outrageous stories, coining new catchphrases, and telling joke after joke.

Her hit Watch Together series on Messenger, Cardi Tries __, shows off this side of the Bronx native. In the series, Cardi tries out new activities with her celebrity friends, deploying her trademark humor to get her through all kinds of novel experiences.

“You see, I am not adventurous, and I'm sometimes, like, a scaredy cat when it comes to certain things,” Cardi tells NYLON. That hasn’t stopped her from going fishing with Keke Palmer, learning and performing a magic show with Marsai Martin, tattooing husband Offset for Valentine’s Day, or playing tennis with Normani.

Of the things she’s tried, there are a few Cardi would prefer to never do again — like anything involving heights, or fire. She also gained newfound respect and “appreciation for all waiters and people in the service industry” after spending an episode making sushi with the help of famed Yamashiro head chef Vallerie Archer. “Working in a restaurant — oh my, goodness. I can't do that sh*t. It was just too much. It was too intense. I was too tired just making one plate,” she says.

But trying difficult things is all part of the process. “That's what makes the show so much fun,” Cardi adds. “And it's also fun for me. All of these things are just an experience, and it just makes me feel like, let me just try something new. And it just works out perfectly, so that's why I love it.”

New episodes of Cardi Tries __ premiere each Friday. To watch, search for Cardi Tries on Instagram or Messenger, or head to Cardi’s Facebook page.

On Friday, May 27, an episode of Cardi learning to play football with Megan Thee Stallion and some of the Los Angeles Chargers goes live; catch an exclusive clip of the experience, below.