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Premiere: Travis Barker Joins KennyHoopla For "ESTELLA//” Video

"About a month ago we got in the studio for a few hours and it was magic," Barker says of the collaboration.

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Indie newcomer KennyHoopla may have earned sold-out shows over the past two years with singles like "lost cause//" and "how will i rest in peace if i'm buried by a highway//" but he only started making music three years ago. “I used to breakdance, I used to paint, I used to do photography," Kenny said. "I thought if I could conquer every art medium, I’d get closer to it. Something in me kept telling me it was time to make music.”

Now, the 23-year-old, Cleveland-born signer has teamed up with one of his biggest inspirations, pop punk icon and music industry legend Travis Barker.

“I loved Kenny’s music from the moment I heard it and showed everyone it," Barker tells NYLON. "We connected and kept talking about working together. About a month ago we got in the studio for a few hours and it was magic. That’s when we wrote 'ESTELLA//,' rest is history.”

“It feels like there is always a place and time for everything," Kenny added, "except there really being a place for time — more so honing in on pictures never doing justice and the funny irony of the public’s emotion towards my seat in the industry right now."

Watch the video for "ESTELLA//," shot by Lonewolf a few days ago in Los Angeles and featuring both Kenny and Travis, below:

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