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The Most Underrated Kirsten Dunst Performances You Need To Revisit

One of the best careers in showbiz.

If I had to watch only one actor’s oeuvre for the rest of my days, it would hands down be Kirsten Dunst. The woman has been blowing us away with her talent since she was a child, and as far as I’m concerned, she’ll never stop. Ahead, some of her best — and most underrated — performances to date.

Interview With A Vampire (1994)

Dunst playing a child vampire raised by vampires and fatherly figures Brad Pitt and Tom Cruz set in the 1800s? What’s not to love? (Tubi, Cinemax, Amazon Prime)

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1998)

Just because you don’t physically see Dunst in the Hayao Miyazaki gem Kiki’s Delivery Service doesn’t mean she didn’t act her ass off as the titular Kiki, a young witch who gets into a funk and loses her magical abilities. (HBO Max)

Dick (1999)

In a satiric retelling of the Watergate scandal, Dunst and co-star Michelle Williams play two sweet D.C. teens who accidentally bring down the Nixon presidency. The fashion in Dick is tremendous, and Dunst’s comedy chops are on full display. (Showtime)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

The Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant descends straight to hell in this dark comedy starring Dunst as an optimistic teenager with dreams of the crown. (Tubi, HBO Max)

Get Over It (2001)

Teen movies loosely based on the works of William Shakespeare were late ‘90s and early aughts staples, and Get Over It delivers on the signature Dunst charm. (Hulu)

Crazy/Beautiful (2001)

A story of a girl who is crazy and — wait for it! — also beautiful. Dunst plays a troubled party girl who falls for the straight-laced guy who lives across town. It’s a tale as old as time! (iTunes)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Dunst stars alongside Kate Winslet, Jim Carrey, Mark Ruffalo, and more in Charlie Kaufman’s persevering, non-linear dramedy about memory and romantic love. (Peacock)

Bachelorette (2012)

Dunst plays Regan, an alpha girl careerist who reunites her degenerate friend group to throw a bachelorette party for their close friend the night before her wedding. Bitchy chaos obviously erupts! (YouTube)

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (2019)

MLM marketing schemes, Dunst in adult braces, and the cracked veneer of Americana — On Becoming A God In Central Florida has it all. Dunst’s portrayal of a willful single mother is captivating in this satire’s one glorious season. (Showtime)

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