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9 Zoë Kravitz Performances That Prove She’s The Ultimate Cool Girl

All hail the queen of self-effacing chill, from 'No Reservations' to 'High Fidelity.'

Zoë Kravitz is blisteringly cool. It’s easy to chock it up to her impeccable style, her many tiny hand tattoos or the inherited chicness that comes from having celebrity parents. It’s probably a combo of all the above, but it’s also her style of acting: the way she brings a self-effacing, don’t-look-at-me attitude that makes her steal every scene. Here are some of the actor/singer/model’s most iconic roles, from the selfish owner of a Brooklyn record store in High Fidelity to a badass mutant dragonfly in X-Men: First Class.

No Reservations (2007)

While Kravitz was studying acting in college, she booked her breakout role in this romantic comedy, as Abigial Breslin’s jaded, goth babysitter with a giant septum piercing, staking claim to her cool-girl, don’t-give-a-sh*t aura. (HBO Max)