Illustration of a girl holding a snake and a book in her hands


17 Occult-Inspired Art Prints To Celebrate Fall

The best in haunted home decor

by Liz Riccardi and Rebecca Liu

Fall. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, cider donuts, back to school, colorful foliage, tights, Halloween—oh my! My favorite season usually depends on my mood, but there is something special about fall no matter where you are, and it is truly glorious in NYC.

As a lover of haunted vibes and a hater of sloppy crowds, I like to celebrate Halloween more in theory than real life. One of my favorite ways to get into the spirit of the season is by staying home, sitting under a blanket and basking in the eerie glow of a few candles and some spooky home decor. Granted, most of my art is either awaiting a frame (hello washi tape) or if framed (hello framebridge), waiting to be hung. So, due to laziness and the fact that I believe my drill charger to have been "stolen" two years ago, rotating art "seasonally" makes more sense to me than hanging new pieces. However, for those of you who understand anchors and don't practice hoarding, I've rounded up a range of prints with loosely occult themes (from Magic 8 balls to mythical creatures) that will look lovely and relevant year-round.

Click through the gallery below to see them all.

Ali Gulec, Smyrna Skull, $16-46, available at Society 6.

Alan Linnstaedt, Ghost IV, $15-50, available at Society 6.

Alba Blázquez, Mermaid, $34-165, available at Fab.

Drømsjel, If I Was to Gravy You, $34-42, available at Fab.

Kelsey Drake, Poisonous Flowers, $15-60, available at Society 6.

Boopsiedaisy, Halloween Doll Polaroid Print, $5.00, available at Etsy.

Penelope Gazin, Teen Witch print, 8.5”x11”, $18.00, available at Etsy.

Gemma Flack, Lost Love - Halloween Print, $9.34 - $14.01, available at Etsy.

FrillyPops, Go Away postcard print, $3.90, available at Etsy.

Alexandra Dvornikova, Moon Print, $18.00-30.00, available at Society 6.

Isabel Greenberg, A Woman Falls in Love with the Devil, Two-color Riso printed zine, 4”x2.5” stapled, $4.00, available at Horizontal Press.

Bad Boy Nice Girl, Butt Altar print, 13x19, $75.00, available at Tictail.

Lord of Masks, Witch Series: Spell Book, Seance, Palm Reader, Tarot Cards, $20-$40, available at Society 6.

Shannon Lee, Black Cat Art Print, $29-399, available at Urban Outfitters.

The Archivist, Miserably Dull, $129, available at Tictail.

Grimes, Visions Art Print, $12.99 - 33.99, available at

Adam Ale Art Prints, Bats Art Print, $8.00-46.00, available at Etsy.