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Did Olivia Rodrigo Just Confirm Her Relationship With This Song?

A deep dive into the lyrics of “So American.”

Olivia Rodrigo has perfected writing a scathing, career-ending breakup song. But in the two albums the pop star’s released she hasn’t written a straight-up love song — until now.

The singer has released GUTS (spilled), the deluxe version of her sophomore record, which has arrived with five new songs. Four of them were previously available as Vinyl-only singles, but “So American,” per Variety, is completely new, and more recently recorded. It’s a rockin, swooning ode to someone “I’m gonna marry” — and, naturally, the internet is already abuzz on who it might be about.

But — if you’ve been keeping up with the pop star at all, that might barely be a challenge. Since October 2023, rumors have been swirling around her and English actor Louis Partridge, with whom she’s been spotted walking arm-to-waist in the streets of London and making out at gas stations. And given the unsubtle lyrics of “So American,” Partridge seems like the perfect candidate.

It’s almost too obvious from the first line: “Drivin' on the right-side road/ He says I'm pretty wearin' his clothes” — and that’s even if you didn’t have all the fan-gathered evidence of Rodrigo and Partridge wearing each other’s wardrobe. The title of the song comes from the chorus, which has Rodrigo singing about how the man she loves loves to say she’s “so American,” a Brit-favorite pastime if there’s ever been one.

Other small details of the song, like a lyric acknowledging these feelings might be coming a “little too soon” (they’ve only been linked since last October), add more fuel to the fire. But perhaps the biggest indicator came from Rodrigo herself, who went on her Stories to say “So American” is her favorite of the five new songs from GUTS (Spilled), and followed it with three winking emojis.

So far, both of their teams have declined to officially confirm the relationship, but Partridge made his first comments about it to British Vogue in March 2024, saying that, when it comes to dating, Rodrigo’s got “tons and tons of eyes on her case.” And now, Rodrigo’s more or less given her own confirmation of their coupling with “So American.” The only question we have left is: What’s up with British actors’ hold on American pop stars?

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘GUTS (Spilled)’ is out now.