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10 Queer Artists For Your Pride 2020 Playlist

From girl in red and CHIKA to Lotic

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June is officially Pride month, but we here at NYLON believe that it's more of an "always" thing. That's why although we've grouped some of our favorite LGBTQ -identifying artists here, they're really just the storytellers that get us through the year on the regular. Like girl in red, the Norwegian singer who's garnered a young audience around her relatable love songs that just happen to be about girls. Or Lotic, the Berlin-based experimentalist making hypnotic tracks that sketch out the human condition. Both put forth art worth contemplating at any moment throughout the year.

After the jump, 10 of our favorite artists to help get you started. And for those looking for more, check out our full Spotify playlist.

girl in red

The Norwegian bedroom pop singer makes cute-as-shit songs about falling in love.


If you haven't been listening to the LA-based rapper already, get acquainted.

Leeor Wild


Shamir's soft rock — often about feeling out of place — will strike a chord.


Tasha's warm and husky guitar rock is a balm for any occasion.


Black Belt Eagle Scout

The intimate songs from queer and indigenous artist Black Belt Eagle Scout are embers in a barren landscape.

Sarah Cass


Juicy, high-fructose pop about liking girls. What else could you want?

Kenneth Cappello


Houston-to-Berlin transplant Lotic's fearless and hypnotic pieces cut to the core of the human condition.

Kasia Zacharko

Jay Som

LA-based singer-songwriter Melina Duterte helms Jay Som, a band that makes music that sounds like coming home.

Lindsey Byrnes

The Aces

The Aces, a pop four-piece from Utah, is flipping all expectations on its head.

Red Bull Records


serpentwithfeet's ornate confessionals — about love, intimacy, and loss — are something religious.

Kadeem Johnson

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