Kim Lee and Christine Chiu in episode 5 “Private Lies” of 'Bling Empire' on Netflix.
Courtesy of Netflix © 2021


11 Over-The-Top Reality Shows Like 'Bling Empire'

If you liked the excess and drama of Netflix's new hit, you'll love these other wealth-chronicling reality shows.

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Netflix’s Bling Empire hit the ground running, introducing viewers to a hyper-wealthy, image-conscious cast with lifestyles as entertaining as they are unrelatable. If you finished the series but still want more, there are plenty of shows like it — read on for 11 to check out.


Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous

Airing from 1984 to 1995, Robin Leach’s iconic narration of the lavish lifestyles of celebrities and the uber-wealthy was a precursor to shows like MTV's “Cribs,” that quench our voyeuristic thirst for excess.

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