Kim Lee and Christine Chiu in episode 5 “Private Lies” of 'Bling Empire' on Netflix.
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11 Over-The-Top Reality Shows Like 'Bling Empire'

If you liked the excess and drama of Netflix's new hit, you'll love these other wealth-chronicling reality shows.

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Netflix’s Bling Empire hit the ground running, introducing viewers to a hyper-wealthy, image-conscious cast with lifestyles as entertaining as they are unrelatable. If you finished the series but still want more, there are plenty of shows like it — read on for 11 to check out.

Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous

Airing from 1984 to 1995, Robin Leach’s iconic narration of the lavish lifestyles of celebrities and the uber-wealthy was a precursor to shows like MTV's “Cribs,” that quench our voyeuristic thirst for excess.

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

All of the Housewives franchises have a flair for the dramatic and excessive, but Beverly Hills is a great place to start — especially given that it's set in the same place as Bling Empire.

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians

When you’re done with Beverly Hills, head to Calabasas for 20 seasons of family fights, genuinely heartwarming moments, and a generous helping of celebrity problems.

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Shahs Of Sunset

A Kardashian-esque show about Persian-Americans living lavishly in Los Angeles while balancing work, family, career and a thriving social scene? Perfect.


House Of Ho

You'll find a very similar vibe in this show chronicling the lives of the members of a wealthy Vietnamese-American family living in Houston, Texas.


My Super Sweet Sixteen

Known as much for its meltdowns as its ridiculous gifts and parties for teenagers, My Super Sweet Sixteen is a slice of life and a cultural touchstone all in one.

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#RichKids of Beverly Hills

Focusing less on family and more on young people living it up in Beverly Hills, this is another good series if you're feeling like living vicariously through hyper-privileged 20-somethings.

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The Hills

Ditto The Hills — semi-scripted or not, the classic series is a glimpse into life in the upper crust of Los Angeles, especially when they're blacking out at clubs and fighting over boyfriends.

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Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild may have only aired for one season, but it gave us the beginning of the infamous Nancy Jo Sales/Alexis Neiers feud (and phone call), and that's more than enough to make this list.

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The Simple Life

Come for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's ridiculous hijinks (and outfits), stay for the time travel back to 2003 — another era entirely, nearly as strange as the one we're in now.

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Selling Sunset

This show exploded in popularity during the pandemic for a few reasons: deliciously unnecessary drama, stunningly beautiful people, and tons of property porn make for a very appealing and entertaining escape.

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