Acid Dad in psych-punk outfits posing for a photo
photo courtesy of kevin walker


song premiere: acid dad’s “brain body”

new york’s best new psych-punk outfit

by daniel huskey

We're a culture of instant gratification–our impulses are enabled by perpetual, technological connectivity. All it takes is a tap tap and a swipe to satiate any desire. Wait, swipe left: ALMOST any desire. While apps certainly help manifest the material, one force still transcends algorithmic quantification, much less human speculation: Love.

Or is it lust, or is it sex, or is it I don’t know what this feeling is but I just want you here and— “I want it now,” as Acid Dad croons on their courageous debut single, "Brain Body," premiering here. The psych-punk quintet abandons the symmetry of verse-chorus-verse-chorus song structure in favor of a simmering crescendo and climax, reflecting the inner cacophony of attraction, love, lust, and the intensity of insatiable hungers.

Echoes of Black Sabbath and Syd Barrett reverberate across the track both sonically and lyrically, as a vacillation as old as time plays out: “(Is it) my body, my brain, my body, my brain…?”

From a brooding, billowing build up to a release of tenacious sexual determination, the song is a humbling testament in and of itself to the heart’s irrationality. Because as we all know, just because you swipe right, doesn’t mean they will.