Splash art of Chanel West Coast’s “Bad Things” song
photo courtesy of chanel west coast


song premiere: chanel west coast’s “bad things”

music for poppin’ bottles

by peter lacerenza

While you may know her from the MTV cult classics like Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, there may be a lot that you don’t know about Chanel West Coast. After her humble start as a MySpace artist, Chanel signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records in 2012 and subsequently released her mixtape, Now You Know.

Featuring tracks like the fashion-inspired “Karl,” the mixtape proved a success, and Chanel has continued to release music like the Gatsby banger “I Love Money” ever since. In the past year alone, she has collaborated with the likes of French Montana and Honey Cocaine. With her latest track, “Bad Things,” Chanel reminds listeners both of where she’s been, and where she's going.

With lyrics that would make even a spring breaker blush—“high up on some medical,” “sex with the engine running,” “tie you up with his Louis belt,” “running like a rat in this bitch,” and “harder than a boulder,” to list a few—Chanel may very well be up to no good. Even still, Chanel’s decadence is infectious as ever: in this relatively down-tempo track, her cadence is unmistakable, and her rhymes on point. If you need a new song for popping bottles with your champagne papi, this might just be the one.