Sarah Winters, Vox, wearing a black dress on the photo shooting
Photo by Kristian Punturere


vōx’s new song will have you clawing for more

get your claws out

by leah cunningham

Wonder what musician Sarah Winters, known as vōx (pronounced wokes), is all about? The answer is in her name. The word "vōx" means voice—and it is exactly how Winters will get you hooked on her latest track, "Claws." The track's mysteriously eerie sounds and vocals, combined with and contrasted against a harp, will have the song digging its claws deep into your skin.

Previously compared to artists such as Lorde and Banks, both vōx's sound and lyrics are deeply moving, yet ironically tame as she sings lines such as, "There are wild things in me." The musician, who described "Claws" as "an ethereal hip-hop feel; harp plucks and soaring strings giving satisfying dichotomy to 808s and trap drums," has a voice that is meant to be heard and will soon be a musical force to be reckoned with.